I just got high.
Right infront of my momthers eyes
Just as she cried.
A+ daughter, right?(;
Donna Lewis I Love You Always Forever
Stevie B Diamond Girl

Gabriel Marques by Stefania Paparelli.  NY Goes Red.  Red Milk Magazine.  Stylist: Ada Kokosar

Sept. 15 8:44 pm


I literally love how much you stan for Naomi. I'm 34 years old and sometimes I feel like the younger generation doesn't get what a powerhouse of a model she was in the late 80's and 90's. I mean, how many models get to say that they were a personal muse to Yves St. Laurent and Gianni Versace?


Like there isn’t anyone alive let alone a model who can say that they have worked with Yves Saint Laurent, Micheal Jackson, Richard Avedon, Madonna, Helmut Newton, Gianni Versace, and Jay-Z????  

like bow


nominate a red carpet actress for this dress i nominate lupita

it’s 2014 and i’m still seeing terry’s pictures on my dashboard lmfao



someone save this child

does that guy have a tattoo of himself on his arm